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About Us

One in 68 children are affected with Autism

A new non-profit corporation being developed by Bob  & Nancy Horn, using Music & Motion Therapy  for children with Autism.  This is a neurological condition restricting social, communication and in some cases physical movement & speech.   Children with Autism and other special needs will be taught basic movement, ballroom dancing, voice and singing, playing musical instruments and play in a band, to help them gain new confidence. In addition, we will have a Medical Advisory Team consisting of neurologist, pediatrician, child psychologist, speech therapist and other special education personnel.  For the Asperger student, those children at the genius level in math, science and the arts, will receive guidance by mathematicians, scientists and artists.

The Magic of Music and Motion Therapy

Music Therapy May Help Children with Autism;  Music encourages social interactions.  Music can improve behavior.  Music can improve communication.  Music can reduce anxiety and Music is Fun!   Listening to music literally changes your brain's perception and thoughts.  Music connects people and soothes the soul.  Music opens the brain to learn and speak, sing, dance or play musical instruments.  

Our mission

We are refurbishing a facility for children with Autism and other Special Needs in Indio, California.  This facility will have five studios consisting of: Basic Movement, Ballroom Dance, Speech and Voice, Band and the Gifted Room (Asperger's).  Our classes are 26 weeks in length per semester.  Our medical advisors will be documenting for parents the progress of each child.  They will be afforded the opportunity to perform on our special stage for parents and family.  This is the first Autism Music and Motion Therapy Program of it's kind that is this extensive in training.  We know that eventually as the World Health Organization professes, there are 70 million people in the world with Autism.   As a result, eventually, we will be taking this program nationwide.


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All We Need is YOU !

We need your generous donations and support for on going costs.  You can donate help, labor and materials to refurbish our new facility.  You can donate your time to teach a child.  You can donate a musical instrument.  You can help promote this program.  Sponsorship of a child through 26 weeks of Music and Motion Therapy is $520, however, any and all contributions are greatly accepted.

All Things Are Possible, Inc

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a 501 (c)3 Non Profit Corporation Tax ID  30-0799771

About Us

Children Performing

 Individuals of all ages and all abilities can benefit from Music and Motion Therapy.Music has been used to support emotional, cognitive and social development with proven improvement.  

Dancing to the Music

 Music and Motion programs have proven success promoting wellness; by managing stress, enhancing memory, and improving communication.  

Performing in a Band

Studies have found that children and adults with Autism and other special needs respond brilliantly to music when little else is able to hold their attention, making music the breakthrough treatment of our time.